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For veterans and adult family members

After the war zone: A practical guide for returning troops and their families. (2008). L. Slone & M. Friedman, Da Capo Press.

Back from the Front: Combat Trauma, Love, and the Family. (2007). A. Matsakis.

Courage After Fire: Coping Strategies for Returning Soldiers and Their Families (2006). Keith Armstrong, Suzanne Best, Paula Domenici

Down Range: To Iraq and Back (2005). Bridget Cantrell, Ph.D., Chuck Dean.

While They're at War: The True Story of American Families on the Homefront (2006). Kristin Henderson

Trust After Trauma: A Guide to Relationships for Survivors and Those Who Love Them. (1998). Aphrodite Matsakis

For Children

Daddy, You're My Hero! // Mommy, You're My Hero! (2005). [appropriate for ages 4-8] Michelle Ferguson-Cohen

A Very Long Time (2005). [appropriate for children ages 4-8]; a picture book intended for a child with a deployed parent. Geri Timperley, Nikki Arro

I miss you: A military kid's book about deployment. Beth Andrews (2007). Prometheus Books. [appropriate for elementary school-aged children]; intended for a child with a deployed parent.

Uncle Sam’s Kids: When Duty Calls. (2003). [appropriate for children ages 5-11] Angela Sportelli-Rehak

Finding My Way: A Teen’s Guide to Living with a Parent Who has Experienced Trauma. (2005) [appropriate for children ages 12-18] .

Michelle D. Sherman, Ph.D., DeAnne M. Sherman. (available at www.seedsofhopebooks.com)


National Military Family Association / Operation Purple Camp. www.nmfa.org

Military OneSource (1-800-342-9647). www.militaryonesource.com

Military HOMEFRONT (Official DoD site). www.militaryhomefront.dod.mil

Benefits Facts Sheets, US Department of Veterans Affairs: www.vba.va.gov/benefit_facts/index.htm

Strategic Outreach to Families of All Reservists: www.sofarusa.org

US Department of Veterans Affairs: http://www.va.gov/

State Departments of Veterans Affairs: http://www.nasdva.com/

Salute Our Services A Thousand Thanks to Military Kids Program (sends free personalized card to military child): http://www.saluteourservices.org/skins/sos/display.htmlx?mode=user&ModuleId=8cde2e88-3052-448c-893dd0b4b14b31c4&
action=display_page&ObjectID=f2cbe28f-381c-475aa2aa- 175371eed89d

Emotional Health:

National Center for PTSD. www.ncptsd.org

National Mental Health Association. www.nmha.org/reunions

S.A.F.E. Program, Support And Family Education: Mental Health Facts for Families. An 18-session curriculum for people who care about someone who has a mental illness / PTSD. w3.ouhsc.edu/safeprogram

Mental Health Self-Assessment Program (DOD sponsored mental health / alcohol screening and referral program offered to families and service members affected by deployment) www.MilitaryMentalHealth.org


After Deployment: www.afterdeployment.org/index.php

Surviving Deployment: Resources for Military Families. www.survivingdeployment.com

Deployment Guide For Families of Deploying Soldiers. Separation and Reunion Handbook www.hooah4health.com/deployment/familymatters/reunion.htm#

DOD Deployment Health Clinical Center -- A Soldier and Family Guide to Redeploying. chppm-www.apgea.army.mil/deployment/FamilyReunionTrifold19Dec03.pdf

Welcome Home: How to make a difference in the lives of returning war zone veterans (includes Dr. James Munroe’s “Eight Battlefield Skills that Make Life in the Civilian World Challenging”). Washington Family Policy Council. www.fpc.wa.gov/Welcome%20Home.pdf

Post-Deployment Stress: What Families Should Know, What Families Can Do. http://rand.org/pubs/corporate_pubs/CP535-2008-03/

Post-Deployment Stress: What You Should Know, What You Can Do. http://rand.org/pubs/corporate_pubs/2008/RAND_CP534-2008-03.pdf

Children / youth issues

Army Reserve Child and Youth Service’s Online Teen Deployment Class www.arfp.org/skins/cys/display.htmlx?moduleid=8cde2e88-3052-448c- 893dd0b4b14b31c4& mode=user&action=display_page&objectid=2686074

Operation Child Care (for National Guard and Reservists). www.childcareaware.org/en/operationchildcare

Operation Military Kids www.operationmilitarykids.org

Military Child Education Coalition www.militarychild.com

National Guard Family Program / Guard Family Youth Website www.guardfamily.org // www.guardfamilyyouth.org

DOD’s Military Student Program: The Military Child in Transition and Deployment www.militarystudent.dod.mil

Coming Home: Adjustments For Military Families and Families In The Military. American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. www.aacap.org/cs/root/facts_for_families/coming_home_adjustments_for_military_families


Talk, Listen, Connect: Helping Families During Military Deployment. Sesame Street DVD.

Available for free through Military OneSource (1-800-342-9647) OR www.sesameworkshop.org/tlc

When Parents Are Deployed (with Cuba Gooding, Jr). Sesame Street video. Available to view at: http://www.sesameworkshop.org/wpad/

Youth Coping With Military Deployment: "Promoting Resilience in Your Family" and “Mr. Poe and Friends.” American Academy of Pediatrics.

Video from Operation Purple summer camp with interviews by kids. Available: www.aap.org/sections/uniformedservices/deployment/index.html

Getting Home: All the Way Home Free downloadable DVD created by TriWest (TRICARE Contractor) for soldiers & their families. www.triwest.com/triwest/default.html?/triwest/unauth/newContent/n

Young Children on the Homefront, ZERO TO THREE. Military families share their unique deployment experiences and professionals offer tips and strategies for dealing with difficult issues such as grief and loss from deployment and the challenges that often arise upon reunification. Available to view at: http://www.zerotothree.org/site/PageServer?pagename=key_military

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