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A Guide to Dota2 Betting for Beginners

Dota 2 is one of the most popular e-sports disciplines. Every year, its developer and publisher, the company Valve, holds the tournament The International, to which the strongest teams from all over the world are invited. The prize of The Last International was $ 10,931,000. This amount is several times higher than the prize of small-scale competitions in "real" sports. Today, the standard prize fund of the tournament in Dota 2 is $ 200,000.

On the broadcasts, more than 200,000 people gather every day. In many countries, major competitions are broadcast on local TV channels. For example, in 2013 the Swedish entertainment channel TV-6 together with DreamHack TV announced the broadcasting of the tournament The International 3. In China, on national television channels (CCTV), news reports often speak of Dota 2. Broadcasts of competitions on the national television of China are collected by millions of viewers.

How Does Betting on Things in Dota 2 Take Place?

Before placing bets on Dota, learn basics. Bets Dota 2 on things involve competitions, in which the gambling is exposed on the stake. When you win, you take away the belongings of the loser, and when you defeat, you give yours. Before making a bet, you can see the goal of the game, and if things do not fit for your collection, you can find another match. Bets Dot 2 on things can be called such a training before playing for real money, which brings positive emotions.

The advantages include:

  • When you lose, the maximum that you can lose is game things, but not material values.
  • Playing on things is a great opportunity to easily understand how to bet in Dota 2, how to correctly analyze the capabilities of teams, how to predict the outcome, what the outcome of events depends on.
  • The more valuable the delivered thing, the more interesting it is to watch the game on stream. In addition, it is possible to find the item that you do not have in the collection, because simultaneously put on things can a huge number of players.
  • Bets up to 18 years are allowed, because this process is not considered a gambling game that brings a monetary gain.

In the absence of responsibility for the outcome of the bet, the quality of forecasting remains very low. All due to the fact that the player, in fact, almost nothing loses, except for a piece of code that is displayed on the monitors in different colors in the form of a certain thing.

It is recommended to check the betting guide beforehand because Dota2 is a very unpredictable game. There is no leader at the distance, so you need to take this into account when making bets on dotabetz.com.


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